Take back control of your online reputation

We’re here to change how you manage and share your personal information. Share your personal score, request to see others, and make secure payments that hold both parties accountable.

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What is Reputation Statement?

Reputation Statement gathers information from your existing online accounts, including any reviews, then verifies your ID to create a Reputation Score.

You’re in complete control of your personal information, and can share this with whoever you please.

Request to see the score of others so you can ensure their trustworthiness, and initiate secure purchases where reviews are left for both the buyer and seller.

We know how important it is to maintain a good reputation

Once your Reputation Score has been calculated, our intelligent platform will recognise any areas of improvement, and provide tips to help increase your score.

Other users must request to see your score, and be approved by you before anything is shared. You can request or share an individual score, or your overall score.


Your Reputation Score is the combined total of your:

Trust Score

Your Trust Score is based on any existing online accounts that you link to Reputation Statement. This helps us confirm your identity, and shows that you’re a real, trustworthy person in the online community.

ID Score

Our internal ID verification process proves that you’re you. It’s based on the personal information you provide to us, which can include your government issued ID or passport, video verification, and by linking card details.

Transaction Score

This is the most dynamic score, as it changes based on reviews that are left for you on platforms such as Airbnb, eBay and Upwork. Additionally it is updated for any user-generated purchases made through Reputation Statement.

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Secure Purchases

Through Reputation Statement, you can make and initiate secure purchases. Whether you are purchasing off someone on the internet, or meeting someone in person, we’re here to help.

Users can send or request any of their scores before agreeing to a purchase. This enables you to verify that whoever you’re talking to is real, and confirm they have a good standing online.

Any purchases made through Reputation Statement are handled by our secure payment processor. Once a purchase has been agreed to, the buyer sends payment, which is then held by us in escrow. Once the item has been posted, or received in person, payment is released to the seller.

Both parties can then leave each other a review, which counts towards each of their Transaction Scores.

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How It Works

Meet John

John matches with Sally through an online dating app. It seems too good to be true! Sadly in John’s experience, more often than not, it is.

Sally asks John if he wants to meet up in person. He replies asking if they could both share their Trust Score first, so he can verify she’s a real person with real accounts online. Sally refuses, and John decides to pass on meeting up. It’s not worth the risk.

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We’re raising money to help users take back control of their online reputation.